Well, Rylie is now almost three years old! And she still has a hole! I know, I can't believe it either. The doctors said that it would close on it's own but so far it has yet to do that. I have friends whose children's have had open heart surgery and they are heart healthy, no more problems and they go to the cardiologist once a year. Rylie is still going every six months! The last visit in Dec., her heart was still enlarged and she had the hole. It is so tiny they can barely pick it up on her tests but when they do the x-ray and see her heart is still enlarged they know it is still affecting her. Her cardiologist said that it still may close on it's own and they will just have to go on a six month basis to determine whether anything else needs to be done. The next step would be ANOTHER CATH.! I can't imagine having to go through this all again. Dr.Wagman said she could be 5 or 6 years old before they decide they need to go ahead and do one. UGH! She has to head there this next week for another check-up. I told her that we had to go again and she asked, "Are they going to cut my chest open?" Made me melt. : ) I will keep you posted...

July of '98...Well, just got back from the cardiologist and the news is the same. Rylies EKG showed no change at all. Since there was no change in it he said there wasn't any need to do the whole work up (chest x-ray and echo) and to be back again in 6 mo. He did say that surgical intervention would be highly unlikey to ever happen again, so that made me feel better! Her murmur is still a "2". They grade the sound of a murmur from a scale of 1-11, with 11 being the worst. So a two is pretty good!! Just wish we could get the all clear for going once a year. : (

June 22, 2000 I have not been on here in a long time to update this site. A lot has happened since Rylie's last heart check up. She had her 3 1/2 year check up in Jan of 99 and we got an AMAZING report!!! Her cardiologist listened to her heart and then had an echo done and guess what? HE COULDN'T FIND HER HOLE!!! It FINALLY CLOSED!! We are so excited and I couldn't believe it. Her cardiologist had never seen that happpen before. He said they only close within the 6 months of surgery and hers took almost TWO YEARS to close. He was quite shocked to say the least! He gave her a year off and said we don't need to have another heart check until then. I told her cardiologist that God works miracles in his own time! :) We can't even begin to show our excitement about the good news on this web page. Just goes to show what a little prayer can do!!

We have also made a huge life change in the last month. We have relocated from Missouri to CALIFORNIA! What a difference. Everything is different out here. even how you pay and pump your gas to banking. It is so different, but the kids love having the beach only 20 miles away and my husband loves working for the gov't in secret missions! LOL We really love where we live so that makes a huge difference for your perceptions of California. They can change drastically according to your location. Since Rylie doesn't need to go to the cardiologist for another year- I won't have to update it for a while! YEEHAW!! (A little Missouri accent on that one!)

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