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Ian was born this past Feb ('98) and he is HEART HEALTHY!! It only entered my mind once or twice about the possibility of Ian having a heart problem. My risk is now higher than the norm of the population, but only slightly greater. The greatest risk is to Rylie's children. Hopefully she will not have to see her children contend with a heart defect, but if she does, I know medical knowledge will have increased tremendously and maybe they will find the cause and have even better, more advanced treatments. Her pediatrician said that if she would have been born ten years ago, she wouldn't have survived.

Rylie is very fond of her little brother and loves to shower him with a little too much affection sometimes. : ) He is starting to think that she is just the funniest thing. It is such a change of pace going from a sick child to a healthy one. Ian is already sitting up and crawling (at 5 1/2 mo.) where Rylie was unable to even roll over until she was 7 mo.! I am truly blessed with these two miracles from God.

I finally have a picture of my babies on here. Click here to see my cuties!